Course Taught

  • EDG 6931 Culturally Sustaining STEM Education, University of Florida
  • MAE 4310L Teaching Elementary Mathematics Lab, University of Florida
  • MAE 6313 Problem Solving in School Mathematics, University of Florida
  • MAE 3312 Mathematics Content for Elementary Teachers, University of Florida
  • Math 2031 Number Systems and Operations for Teachers, Marquette University
  • Math 2030 Problem Solving and Reasoning, Marquette University
  • Geometry, Probability, Statistics, and Methods for Elementary School Teachers, Calvin University
  • Teaching Mathematics Elementary/Middle School, Calvin University
  • Real Number System/Methods for Elementary School, Calvin University
  • Mathematics in the Elementary School, Purdue University
  • Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools, Purdue University
  • Teaching and Learning Algebra and Functions, Purdue University
  • Supervised Teaching in Secondary Mathematics Education, Purdue University
  • Teaching Mathematics in the Middle and Junior High School, Purdue university
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